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Dongan Hills Real Estate

Dongan Hills is a large neighborhood on the East Shore of Staten Island. It is named after Thomas Dongan, a 17th governor of the Providence of New York. The neighborhood is actually known amongst Realtors as three distinctive neighborhoods: Dongan Hills below Hylan Blvd, Dongan Hills above Hylan Blvd, and Dongan Hills Colony. Dongan Hills underwent a period of rapid growth after WWII and then again when the Verrazano Narrows Bridge opened in 1964. The local real estate is made up of a variety of homes, including ranches, capes, colonials, and townhouses. Dongan Hills Colony is the more affluent area, situated above Richmond Road, with many large mansions and custom-built homes.

The neighborhood is popular with many ex-Brooklynites, as it's very convenient for commuting to Manhattan and Brooklyn. There are numerous local and express buses, as well as a train station, serving the neighborhood.

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