Clifton homes for sale - Staten Island, NY

Clifton is a neighborhood in a north east Staten Island. It borders the neighborhoods of Rosebank, Concord, Stapleton and Grymes Hill, as well as the waterfront on its north side. It's an older neighborhood, with many houses dating back to early 1900's. The area is also home to the Park Hill Apartments, a large complex of privately owned and federally subsidized public housing. The Home Depot on Targee Street is the largest commercial development in the neighborhood. There are also mom-and-pops shops around the intersection of Targee Street and Vanderbilt Avenue. Clifton has a good public transportation network, consiting of a Staten Island Railroad train station at Bay Street, as well as a number of MTA buses.

Clifton real estate properties:

Two Family - Detached
Single Family - Attached
Single Family - Semi-Attached
Two Family - Attached
Single Family - Attached
Single Family - Attached